Post 4 : A Haiku A Day

Timidly I walk

To water swimming inside

Wise are the fish

Again, I have no idea what I was getting at here.  Sort of lyrical, without knowing why.  Does one need to know the meaning in a haiku?  Or can one just write something that suits their fancy? 

Signing off



4 thoughts on “Post 4 : A Haiku A Day

  1. Sometimes words pop into our heads for no reason other than we like how they sound together. As a reader, I like to play with the meaning and figure out how it applies to me. That’s the fun part of poetry in particular!

    I love these three lines! 🙂

    • Thanks so much C.B. You are right, sometiems words do just pop into your head. Which is kind of what happened. I rolled my dice and certain words were there, then the blank cubes were filled up with ones that were not. For some reason, fish was calling me.
      And I’m glad you liked the three lines. I like them too!

    • Well, thank you so much. And really, who is an expert on poetry? I think it’s like wine and chocolate. Just because someone tells you it’s good, doesn’t mean you have to like it, which in turn means, it isn’t good to you. It’s only good if you think it’s good. 🙂

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