Flash Fiction : Adventure Awaits

They set forth in their sailboat.  The ivory sails billowed and the rigging was taut from the sturdy breeze from the north.  They sailed down the loch, hoping to reach the open waters before nightfall.  The mist floated down the steep cliffs as little whitecaps were sliced in two by the prow of the boat.

Adventure awaited, from who knew where, but it was the possibility that was exciting.  Anything could happen.  They might meet fierce pirates or escape some fantastic, mythical beast.  It was all in the unknown that called them forth.  Forth to make their fortune.  Forth to find their own true loves.

Adventure awaits those who are willing to answer the call.


Yup, see, I told you I was in a flash fiction mode.  I think I will attempt a couple more of these before I hit burnout. Good practice.  Again, this picture comes from Little Slices Of Awesomeness.

Signing off