Post 1 : Haiku A Day

Well, I’m sort of tackling WordPress’s 365 posting…. A haiku a day.  Bear with me as I attempt to learn the fine are of haikuing (yeah, I know that is probably not a word.)

Now, I’m a couple of days behinds, but I’ll make up for it by the end of the year.  Or I’ll post a couple of haikus a day.  Today you get two, so I will only be three behind.  Please, please comment if you know something about haiku that I do not put into mine.  I’m going off of guess work.

Oh, and all of this is coming from my Haikubes… please bear with me.


A Regret About My Romantic Life

My fantasy left

It went slowly through us

The touches are gone


 A Vision For Our World

A gentle fortune

Shines after the last thunder

Leaves us melodic


Even I’m not terribly impressed.  I guess right now it is more just getting the feeling out.  I hope to be more eloquent as time goes by.  I want to thank Jesse for his encouragement.  I might not have attempted this had I not seen his blog.

Signing off


4 thoughts on “Post 1 : Haiku A Day

  1. These are pretty good. Traditionally, Haiku is about the minute or sweeping detail of nature. They’re clever bits of word craft and so far you’re doing a good job with sort of sliding us sideways into the end of poem. I think of haiku as like… going straight forward and then at the last line, taking a step to the side without ever turning. Does that make sense?

    • Oddly enough, it does make sense, unitl I read my verses again. Then I lose it. But some strange way, I get what you mean by stepping to the side. Thank you. And thank you for that bit of detail about nature. I always viewed haiku as being more intune with things in nature, so it seems odd to write about none outdoors-y things. However, I may figure out a way to include that. And thank you for your compliments as well.

  2. These are both great! I wish you luck on your blogging journey. I’m no expert in the Haiku area either, but they’re fine in my book! You’ve made a follower of me! 🙂

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