Chuck Says Goodbye

For those of you who followed NBC’s Chuck for the last five years, this is for you.  It’s been a great run, and I’m sad to see it go after rooting for Mr. Chuck Bartowskifor five years.  Pardon, Charles Carmichael.

Chuck Bartowski

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From gaining the Intersect, to loosing it, to getting a newer version, to loosing it, to Morgan, to Sarah, and finally back to Chuck, it’s been a blast.

I shall miss all the people of the Buy More.  Jeffster, you guys rock.

With a finale that left us with hope for the two lovebirds, and maybe just a smidge of a possibility that Chuck may someday return, we can all be happy with the way it ended.

To add a slight silly note, though, Zachary Levi, if you ever read the fan blogs…, I’m available, and  I am a Christian, along your lines…. 🙂  Okay, maybe that is wishful thinking.  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

So, thanks to Zachary, Yvonne, Adam, Joshua, Ryan, Sarah, Mark, Vik, Scott,  and Bonita.  You guys made a wonderful cast, and memorable characters.  We shall miss you all.

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BookMooch : World’s Greatest Book Site Ever!

Bookmooch.comA while ago someone directed me to this great place called BookMooch.

And what is BookMooch you ask?  Well, my dear reader, let me tell you.  BookMooch is a place where you can list books you want to get rid of, and in turn, for ever book you send out, you earn a point.  For each point, you can have a book you want sent to you.  At no cost.  Pretty much the only cost is sending out the book.  You get points for adding books to send off, and you get points for sending a book to a ‘moocher’.  You spend points by ‘mooching’ a book from another member.

So far, I have sent off two books, and I have received one.  I have two others that should be coming soon, and one I will have to send off this week.  It’s amazing.  It was a blast to send off two books I didn’t want, which is a miracle in itself, as I keep most of my books.  And it was even more delightful to receive a book in the mail today. 

I highly recommend this site to anyone who has a ton of books they don’t want to keep.  Now, I’m all for giving used books to my Friends of the Library, but at the same time, most of the books I’ve done that with, seem to be in the book sales over and over.  I know at least that a book I send off will probably stay with the person who ‘mooched’ it from me.  Isn’t it great?  

Plus, then I can look for books I want or need.  The book I had come to me today is one I needed for research in my never-ending quest for writing the perfect query letter.  And all it cost me, was to send off a book. Yeah, I could have probably found it via amazon, used.  But it probably would have cost me more.  Besides, it’s a community type thing. You get to meet other readers this way.

Well, I think any reader would appreciate this site.  Check it out.

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Post 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 : A Haiku a Day

Okay, my Haiku a Day has seriously taken a hit when it comes to writing or posting.  So, in order to correct some of that… A plethora of haikus. 

Pardon the lack of posts.  I’ve been terribly uninspired by haiku.
Long winter grasses
Sorrowful whistling wind
Blows my mind away


Wood smoke rising high
Branches and leaves burn so hot
A warmth invades me
Winter rain on roof
tinkling softly at night
Thinking of springtime
Golden glow of lamp
Shines from my window at night
Dreaming of wishes
Rain dripping dropping
Thunderous water flows down
Floating in my thoughts


And clearly, my thoughts are on the rain that hasn’t stopped for three days.  Three days of nonstop rain.  I’ve had enough.  I know, I could live in Seattle.  But I’m not in Seattle.  So, in a cramped house, with four people, the rain needs to stop.  At least so I can get out and walk a bit.

Signing off


Flash Fiction : Magic Orb

She watched the magic explode in her open palm.  A sparkling swirl of gold dust and  white hot light.  She was amazed to see it finally come out of her for the first time after so much practicing.

“Hold it,” he whispered in her ear.  She shivered as she felt a frisson of awareness travel up her spine.  The orb of magic fluctuated slightly as she was distracted by his voice. Then, before she even knew what hit her, his finger slid up her arm.  She felt the power in him explode through her blood, only to register with a more intense orb in her palm. The orb sparkled and started to swirl with little flashes of lightning. His power was entering her and combining with hers to create something new.  Something wonderful.  Something that was more than she could handle in the space of a few moments.

She lost her concentration, focusing more on the way his thumb stroked the soft flesh of her arm, and the orb fizzled into nothing.  She felt him sigh, and she couldn’t help her answering one.  Her shoulders slumped in defeat.

“It’s okay.  You did well for your first time.  I pushed you too far by adding my own,” he said softly.

She stepped back from him, trying to calm her nerves.  It was one thing to feel her own power manifest itself in her palm.  It was an entirely new thing to feel his flowing through her, not to mention the awareness she felt with him so close.

She watched him as he absentmindedly opened his palms and his magic exploded itself into a mini storm cloud, complete with lightning, in his hands.  The storm swirled and the little crack of thunder made her jump.  How would she ever be able to handle that running through her?  It was bad enough with him just touching her.  Add in the electricity factor and it seemed impossible.

Oh, it’s amazing what the images on Tumblr envoke.  I saw the first picture the other night, and immediately an idea formed in my head.  Then I saw the second and new it just fit perfectly with the little story idea.

Rarely do I write science fiction.  I just don’t feel like I have a grasp of it, as it isn’t a genre I read a lot.  But, then certain bits of sci fi grab me, and I just feel so connected.  Certain books, specifically Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer‘s  Kate & Cecelia series.  I love the ‘magic’ and wizard quotient.  It makes the stories so much fun.  Well, these two pictures are similar in thinking to that.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to write something like that. Who knows.  Enjoy.

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Flash Fiction : Twilight

She was stuck in bed.  Left to recuperate from a painful past couple of days.  She looked out her window, the panes fogging up in cold twilight air.  The sky was so clear, but there were sea-foam clouds courting the mountains.  Clouds that were graced with lavender and hot pink.  Like that of a teenage girl ready for a night on the town. 

Lavender skies.  Cold.  It made her cold just to look at it.  Twilight time always made her feel lonely.  A bit sad inside.  She wasn’t sure why.  Maybe it was that day was done, and the night had not fully come on.  And it wasn’t as if the night bothered her.  No, she liked the dark velvet skies.  Skies filled with millions of twinkling diamonds.  No, that didn’t make her feel the sadness.

But twilight.  That time between times.  When the earth got cold and dark shadows lengthened.  Maybe it was the unknown.  She always felt like something bad would happen at that time.  And she felt it most in the winter.

Twilight in the summer was different.  Safer.  Warmer.  Now it was so cold.  So very cold.

She switched on a light by her bed and the room filled with the warmth of being inside on such a cold day. 


And like her… whoever she is, I am stuck in bed, trying to feel better, so well, perfect time for some self-pitying flash fiction.  I have been really bad about getting any more haikus out, but hopefully tonight or tomorrow, or sometime.

Signing off


Post 7 : A Haiku A Day

Sweet summer roses

Spicy warm and full of life

Let me walk with you


The chill of the day, and the lack of feeling very chipper made me need something summery.  Roses fit the bill.  My rose, showcased in the picture, is Playboy.  One of the sweetest smelling roses I know, without all that cloying annoying scents you can sometimes get.  A nice old fashioned rose.

Signing off


Post 6 : A Haiku A Day

A Reflection On….

Any light between

Embraced timidly with love

Parallel tangles


Ah yes.  Thank you Haikubes.  I have no idea what I was getting at.  It’s a relection on something, and the word reflection made me think of light.  The rest of the words sort of just fit.

Signing off


Flash Fiction : What Can I Get You?









Can I pour you a drink?  I only have Don Julio right now. 

Do you like it with lime?  And salt? 

 Let me pour you a shot. 

Cheers.  We’ll toast to life. 

Can I pour you another? 

Won’t you stay a little longer? 

You don’t want to get drunk? 

 Well, would you care for something else?  I’m afraid this is all I have. 

 You have to go? 

 It was fun.  Let’s do it again soon.

Okay, picture this as a one-sided conversation.  I was going somewhere completely differently in my mind until I saw that it was only tequila in the picture.

Enjoy.  Oh, and we’ll have to do this again soon.

Signing off


Post 5 : A Haiku A Day

Spicy marjoram

A wood of vetiver calm

Thinking of cedar


Okay, I was in my essential oils closet tonight, trying to come up with something for pain killer-ness.  I sort of found it in the marjoram and vetiver, and the combo smelled like cedar.  I know, really inspirational…. 

But, if you are one who loves essential oils, then you might get it.  For this perfect combo, use two drops marjoram and one drop vetiver in 15 drops of jojoba oil.  Massage…. or just smell because it is this perfect woodsy scent.

Signing off


Post 4 : A Haiku A Day

Timidly I walk

To water swimming inside

Wise are the fish

Again, I have no idea what I was getting at here.  Sort of lyrical, without knowing why.  Does one need to know the meaning in a haiku?  Or can one just write something that suits their fancy? 

Signing off