Where The Books Are

I have a couple great post ideas for here, but for now, some bookshop/library/personal bookshelf love.  I want every single one of these.

via whitney-shea

via booksandporn


via booksandporn


A Secret Door, by Simon Brown Photography


So, yeah, I’m totally lusting after all of these places. I want all of them, and I wouldn’t mind a house for each of them, with a guy that wants to travel around with me to each house…. Spend a couple months at each place. Yum.

The library with the secret door is especially appealing.

Signing off


2 thoughts on “Where The Books Are

  1. This post literally makes me drool over those shelves. Every time I see nice bookshelves in a movie or TV show, I make a comment about them and it always makes my husband laugh. If it were up to me, every wall in our house would be lined by books. 🙂

    • C.B. I know what you mean, though I don’t think I point out bookshelves to anyone…. Yet…. However, this is one of the reasons I love You’ve Got Mail. Besides the very prominant book theme, I love Kathryn Kelly’s shop. I love her home and the shelves she has up. I love how they designed Fox books for the film. I am a total book nut, and I pay attention to bookshelves in magazines, catalogues, movies, everywhere. I have almost zip shelves for my home, so things are stacked and piled in a most unbecoming manner. I lust after good bookshelves, a house where I can have as many as I want, in every room, and a husband that will indulge my book fetish… I would completely line all my walls, excluding the few with pictures, in books! Katie Lyn

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