The delicate art of applying lipstick

She uncapped the tube of expensive lipstick, its gold cap winking in the light, opened her compact, and while holding the cap and compact in one hand, applied the silky peach to her full lips with her other hand.  She swiped the fig scented color over her bottom lip, the velvety texture of her skin catching and slowing her movement with the slight drag.  She deftly traced the bow shape of her upper lip, using her pinky to correct a slight smudge.  She blotted her lips against each other to fill in any missed spots, then pursed her mouth in a kiss, making sure all was well in the mirror.

Apparently satisfied, she closed her compact with a  snap and capped the tube.  Her eyes rose to his amused gaze and she kissed the air in his direction.


I love applying lipstick in public.  There’s something sort of sexy and intimate about the whole process.  I’ve perfected my form, and yes, I do it almost like I wrote, though rarely do I kiss the air.  But, there is something incredibly feminine about this little task.  And I always try to carry my lipstick and compact with me.  For those interested, I highly recommend Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Sugar Honey.  Yeah, it’s expensive, but it is the most luscious lipstick I have ever used.  It is my one huge indulgence.

Signing off


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