Door of Opportunity


Antique Lunenburg door (02)

Doors.  An opening to opportunity.  A sign of a welcome home. 

Unless a  door is vivid and obvious, most don’t regard a door as much beyond just that; a door.  Oh but bold, bright doors call to us.  Make us notice the possibilities.  Red doors scream, “Look at me!  Come in.  Se what is exciting beyond me.”

I am always curious what is beyond a bright door.

Doors with a window to see in are calling for us to glance in and take a peek into the lives of whoever resides within.  They are welcoming.

Dark, solid doors worry me.  They are grim and foreboding. I avoid dark doors.

 Doors with a knocker call to my mind the image of either a grand old lady or a household of affluence and elegance.  You don’t see many doors with a knocker, but they are so elegant.   They make that solid door less foreboding because they are calling for you to approach to see who’s inside.  They are welcoming in their elegance.

Signing off