Young Men

1015654620e817a22a_largeMost of the men of the town, if not married  with two point five children, were young.  That age when they flaunt their virility, waving it about like a finely feathered bird.  The way they walked, with that little swagger in their hips and butts, or the naughty twinkle in their eyes; a lazy smile that could melt any girl’s heart.  Confidence, or possibly arrogance, oozed off their entire being.  They dripped with sex appeal.

Mia would watch them from her storefront as they drove their pickup trucks, jacked up on higher shocks, or revving their engines, a little sigh of longing fluttering through her breast.  A hint of missed youth causing a twinge.  She had never dated when she was at the age where those young men would have been acceptable.   When she was that age, the men hadn’t looked at her.

 Now it was too late.  Now she was past the time of partying and messing around.  Now she looked at men who were more sophisticated and mature.  A man who was interested in taking care of her, not needing his vanity stroked.

  Even though she was seeing Phil, a small part of her longed for a chance to experience the passions of youth; of letting go and just being in the moment.  Of course it would never happen.  She would never allow herself to ever contemplate it seriously.  But still, a part of her dreamed and wished for a chance.

Flash fiction!  I had a moment and as I watched a host of men in their early twenties drive by today, this thought came to my head. Mia is a gal from a novel I’ve been writing for about six years, but it’s never come to fruition.  Ah, well, it made for a nice bit of flash fiction.  Enjoy.

Signing off



2 thoughts on “Young Men

    • Excellent! Go for it. I’m in that, past-age age where I have to look at guys older than 24… or a bit older. I wish I would have had the confidence at a younger age to talk with boys. Hope it all goes well 🙂

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