The Witch Lady’s House


 “I’m going up to the vampire’s house!” the boy on the bike shrieked.

“She’s a witch, not a vampire!” the holler came back from another boy.

“Then I’m going up to the witch’s house!” the first boy yelled back.

The pack of boys hollered and raced their bikes up the street, riding in a maniacal fashion.  In their shorts and bright T-shirts, they defied common sense, for the air was crisp and cold.  Shrieking and yelling insults at each other, like all boys do, they dashed and crashed their bikes about.  Disregarding the laws of the road, they would jump off their bikes, leaving the wheels still spinning in the middle of the road. Dashing across or just standing there throwing jabs they would dart out of the way when cars would drive by slowly, swerving so as to not  hit the bikes and little hellions.

Eventually the bikes were collected by their owners, and the shrieking continued up the street.  The day after Halloween was always interesting.


I actually heard this conversation when I was in town the other day, and the picture is of the boys yelling and shouting it.  I burst out laughing and was so glad I had my camera to capture some of the madness.  Oh are kids fascinating.

Signing off



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