Two Degrees From Kevin Bacon

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Yep, you read that right.  Two Degrees from Kevin Bacon.  Would you believe that I am?  It’s true.  My parents and I used to know Gerald Molen (okay, I was two, but still) and Gerald Molen was in Rain Man with Tom Cruise, who was in A Few Good Men, with….. Da Da Da Da! Kevin Bacon.  Yep, it’s true.  I always thought the whole 6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon was pretty cool.  Whoever came up with it was brilliant.  I mean, wasn’t that thing huge in the late 90’s?

It just brings to mind how much of a small world we live in.  My mother went to college with people who grew up on my father’s street.  They lived in different states, and the college was in a completely different state as well.  The odds are so great it is amazing.

My mother ended up renting a house with a girl my father went to highschool with.  Granted, they were all living in the same area, but still, the odds weren’t that great.

You can be connected to people you don’t even realize you are connected to.  We are all much closer than one realizes.  My family and I were at Costco last year and overheard this guy talking about how he had just talked to Keith and Nicole had just had the baby.  As in Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.  This guy knew him and talked to him on the phone!  There is a guy who lives around here where I do, in the middle of nowhere, that used to drive the tour bus for George Strait (at least i think that’s who it was.)

Small world.  You can be next to someone who knows someone, and not even realize it.  Granted, these someone’s are not any more important than you or I, but it is exciting.  I know two actors.  Met them a couple of years ago, and still occasionally drop them a hello.  And one of these actor’s knows and worked with Christian Kane.  So, see, small world.  I got to see Patrick Swayzee’s brother, Don, on a movie set up here.  (this is where I met the other two actors).  I also got to see Gwendolyn Yeo as well on the same set.  What are the odds?

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