A Book Review and Flash Fiction

I’ve been reading this great book, The Book of Man by William Bennett this past week.  As part of Book Sneeze (check it out in my sidebar) I’m reading this book and at the end I will be posting a review of said book here on my blog and a couple other places.  I can honestly say I can’t wait to post a review on this book.  I’m so impressed with it and even though I’m only a little ways through it, I’m loving it.  I’m actually only about 15 pages in, but I haven’t had a lot of time to read.  Which is funny because I’ve checked out the max my library card will hold.

Any ways, this book is great and I can’t wait, wait, wait to share it with everyone.

I’m also planning on posting some more flash fiction within this next week. Turns out, thanks to Louise Jaques’ comments the other day, I found out I’ve been writing all kinds of flash fiction and didn’t even know it.  Well, I hope to be able to post some soon.  Along with some character profiles I’ve been dabbling in.  So things to be coming soon.

Of course, this week will probably be one of my busiest, so who knows.  Cross your fingers people.

Signing off


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