The Kobayashi Maru

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I love when I find out about something that is very unique and kind of cool in the nerdy sense.  I was watching Suits a few weeks ago and Harvey, the gorgeous lawyer, was telling his protégé how to win a case using Kobayashi Maru.  It is from Star Trek, and oh, by the way, Captain Kirk is The Man, according to Harvey.

Well, I didn’t really get quite what this thing was, but I thought it interesting.  Just a few days ago, The Wrath of Khan was playing. Now, I’ve never been much of an older Star Trek fan.  I did go through The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager.  So, I’ve done my fair share of Trekkie things.  But I’m not one much for the films.  However, I was just sort of watching it, and low and behold, the Kobayashi Maru was mentioned.  How cool is that! 

So, I of course had to finish out the film just to hear more about it.  Since I missed most of the beginning, I still didn’t know much about it, thank you Wikipedia for filling me in.

I love watching shows and movies that throw in pop culture.  It makes people seem more real and you can connect to them.  Suits seems to bring in a fair amount of it, what with a hilarious rendition from Harvey of “ADRIENE!”, and then another episode that mentions Terminator. 

It kind of makes everything feel more real.

Now, personally, I think the term Kobayashi Maru is brilliant.  I’m sick and tired of the statement, “thinking outside the box”.  I think maybe I should just start saying  “do a Kobayashi Maru”, when I mean to think outside the box.  It’s very nerdy retro-ish.  If that makes any sense at all.

Well, I’m just glad I know what it means, and now, I kind of want to see the other Captain Kirk films.  (I kind of think Captain Kirk is the man as well)

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