100th Post!

Wow, I have finally made it to my one hundredth post!  Whoohoo!  Wahoo!  Okay, this makes it one hundred and one…… Dalmatians!  No, sorry, but I couldn’t resist adding the dog.

I seriously did not think I would get here, but having the Post  A Week challenge going on, It’s made it that much easier.  I think it fitting that my 100th post was about quotes and little bits of wisdom.  See the previous post entitled The Wisdom of a Cup of Good Earth Tea.

Quotes are a wonderful little thing to have on hand. Not to spout off at random moments, but to get you thinking.  I love quotes.  Especially ones that relate to me.  Now, the Pancho Villa one doesn’t, per say, but well I kind of like it just because.

I love quotes that are about writers, and bits of trivia that might not mean anything to anyone else, but sound cool to me.  The Good Earth teas definitely sound cool.

So, there you have it.  One hundred and one posts.  Yay!

Signing off


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