Remembering 9/11/01


Firefighters hold a U.S. flag as they gather to pay their respects at Ground Zero during a 9/11 memorial ceremony on September 11, 2009, in New York City (© Chris Hondors/Getty Images)

There is nothing I can ever say that will be adequate or hasn’t already been said.  There is nothing that will change my memories of that fateful day.  There is nothing that will take away the horror I feel when I see the replays. 

I can never say enough to the brave men and women that stopped the hijackers of Flight 93.  The brave men and women of the FDNY who helped rescue people from the towers.  Our military and men and women in uniform that were there when the Pentagon was struck.

Nothing other than thank you.  Thank you to all the brave people out there that stepped up and helped us all as a nation.

To the families of the victims, we all pray for you.

In remembrance of 9-11-01.  That day will never be forgotten for the horror.  However, that day will not be forgotten for the bravery as well.

God bless you all.

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