The Little Things That Get To Me

I never have a camera with me at times when something strikes my fancy, or I can never capture how I see it, but I go throughout my day with little things that mean a world to me, even though I can’t explain them.

Let me explain.  Today I was looking down at a bouquet I made and I was struck by the beauty of the yellow pollen on the sunflower.  There was a serenity to it with the way the light was in the kitchen.  I pulled out the camera, but even though I took a picture (ok, I took about ten) it was impossible to capture the perfection of the moment.


Little things that may not mean anything to anyone else strike me.  The orange poppies in the sun against an aging, moss-covered concrete wall.  A cloud that is perfect in its imperfection of mounds of creamy whiteness.  Canning jars in the sun making sun pickles.  A leaf on a body of water.  Ripples in the stream.  Bright green velvety moss. 

They are all amazing things.  Simple nothings that are beautiful. 


I’ve fallen in love with We Heart It because people post the most amazing things.  I was looking up Jane Austen the other day and a host of brilliant pictures came up in the search. I wanted to save every one of them.  I wanted to jump in and savor every one of them.  They all had such unique qualities to them. 

I looked up autumn and found many other things as well.  It doesn’t hurt that the site is pretty much all girl inspired.  Pearls, lace, pink…. It draws you in.


I try to point out these things that ‘get’ to me to other  people, but I doubt they mean anything.  How does one go about explaining this subtle explosion inside just from seeing the way a certain flower looks at that moment?  I can’t.  And I’ve stopped trying.  I may point out something and say it’s cool, but that’s about it. I keep that building joy inside, trying to hold it in and remember it all.

 Signing off


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