An Apology to My Subscribers

I’m afraid I’m not a very good blogger.  Most of you who subscribed this year were probably hoping I’d blog more.  I seem to be quite terrible at writing anything terribly exciting, at any normal time.  Just about every other blogger I follow myself, seems to post around the same time each day.  With me, you are lucky if you ever know when I am going to post within a given week.  Granted, you all know that you will get something once a week due to my commitment to Post Once A Week.

But other than that, you might get something interesting, a real post, or it might be me spitting out some poetry.   Hopefully it hasn’t been too annoying.  I know that I’ve followed some that  I’ve never seen a new post since.  Sometimes it bothers me, and other times I’m kind of thankful due to how many blogs I read on a given day.

Now, I don’t want any reassurances.  I’m just letting you all know that I appreciate the fact that you’ve decided to follow me, even though I don’t regularly post.

That being said, I’ve been spending the week working on writing and staying cool.  The part of California I’m in has been a bit hot.  I had plans to post on the D.C. earthquake, but I figure after Irene, I shouldn’t do any harassing of those East Coasters.  You’ve all had a bit of a run this past week.  I did think aspects of the quake, and because I’m a born and raised CA girl, were somewhat funny, but again, I won’t be mean.

Hopefully the mess from Irene will be cleaned up quickly and let’s hope no more big storms hit the east coast.

Signing off


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