I Feel An Austen Coming On

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It’s that time of year when it happens.  I start feeling all nostalgic and Jane Austeny.  The last day of August and the first day of actually feeling fall in the air.  Today it barely got to 85.  It’s rather a nice switch from the heat, even though I’m still wanting heat.

There is something about late summer, when the grasses have dried and there is a sweet coolness in the breeze. It makes me think of September.  Pumpkins and sunflowers.  Crisp nights where the sky is so clear the stars are perfect.

And it makes me feel like watching a Jane Austen movie, or reading a book of hers. (not that I’ve actually ever finished more than one.  I really need to finish S&S that I started with Mrs. Austen)  I think of gingham and chinz, flowered fabrics and pretty nosegays here and there.  I feel like having Victorian papers scattered on my wall. Of pearls and lace.  Anything pink will do.Tumblr_lpe956gclk1qazmn8o1_500_large

I’m reading Martha Stewart Livings, deciding if I really want to attempt some new project.  Some new thing that will take up space in my room because I never seem to complete anything. I still have fabric from my tomato pincushion phase that started in the winter.  (side note, they are cute, but I just don’t seem to want to sit down and sew!)

Tumblr_l9wcnumcsl1qb4rr4o1_500_largeI want to play with dried lavender, even though I don’t want to make any lavender wands this year.  Crochet, tat, KNIT, and I don’t knit.  Gah, could I get any more girly?!

The other time of year I feel like this is spring.  So very British-esque with the rain and sun.  But since spring is a long ways off, late summer will do.

I’ve been listening to a BBC version of Emma on cd.  I love it.  I love Mr. Knightly, and even though Emma is misguided, I love her.  I like to think we would be the best of friends, though I doubt she would like my choices in men, and she doesn’t read nearly enough to what I like to read.  I’d probably be much more inclined to like Elizabeth Bennett.0663_8133_500_large

All of this is fairly moot.  Pretty much all I’m saying is I feel very Austen-ish.  The weather is conducive to my state of mind and I don’t mind indulging myself in such things.  I am quite happy admitting I’m a girl and a real girly girl.

So lace, pink, pearls, fountain pen inks, flowers, teapots, and tea parties, bring it on.  I’m here immersing myself in it.

Signing off


An Apology to My Subscribers

I’m afraid I’m not a very good blogger.  Most of you who subscribed this year were probably hoping I’d blog more.  I seem to be quite terrible at writing anything terribly exciting, at any normal time.  Just about every other blogger I follow myself, seems to post around the same time each day.  With me, you are lucky if you ever know when I am going to post within a given week.  Granted, you all know that you will get something once a week due to my commitment to Post Once A Week.

But other than that, you might get something interesting, a real post, or it might be me spitting out some poetry.   Hopefully it hasn’t been too annoying.  I know that I’ve followed some that  I’ve never seen a new post since.  Sometimes it bothers me, and other times I’m kind of thankful due to how many blogs I read on a given day.

Now, I don’t want any reassurances.  I’m just letting you all know that I appreciate the fact that you’ve decided to follow me, even though I don’t regularly post.

That being said, I’ve been spending the week working on writing and staying cool.  The part of California I’m in has been a bit hot.  I had plans to post on the D.C. earthquake, but I figure after Irene, I shouldn’t do any harassing of those East Coasters.  You’ve all had a bit of a run this past week.  I did think aspects of the quake, and because I’m a born and raised CA girl, were somewhat funny, but again, I won’t be mean.

Hopefully the mess from Irene will be cleaned up quickly and let’s hope no more big storms hit the east coast.

Signing off