The Buggy Year

A common earwig with large cerci in the backgr...

Image via Wikipedia a.k.a. Shudder inducing

Every year is buggy.  Every year there is some bug that takes over and there is an over abundance of them. 

This is the year of earwigs.

Can I get an ‘ugh’, squeal, or groan?  Any shudder you want to add is fully appreciated.

Yes, this year there are earwigs every where.  Literally.  EVERY WHERE!  I am finding them in the shower, in my bath pouf when I go to soap up, in the utensil drawer in the microplane, oh, and there was one in my bed the other day.  It is gross.

Now, I did some research on them.  Wikipedia, I love you.  Apparently earwigs are not harbors of disease, and they are not a ‘gross’ insect, but honestly, there is something too disgusting about them to not be creeped out.  I can’t help it.  It all started when I was a little girl and my cousin introduced them as pincherbugs.  I was terribly afraid of them then.  I can’t say that I’m afraid now, but I can’t say that I’m not afraid of them either.  I have never been ‘pinched’ by them, but they do bite.  Usually along my midriff when I’m in the shrubs.

 And in the end, some times earwigs can be good in the orchards. It’s just in the garden that they are pests.  They don’t discriminate on what they eat.  They just decimate some things.  And they come out in droves.  It’s horrible.

File:Monarch Butterfly Pink Zinnia 1800px.jpg

Image via Wikipedia (pretty Monarch)

My question is, why is it always a bad bug that there is a year of nasty?  There is this joke that my family has about my grandparent’s cabin in the California mountains, about how every seven years you have a repeat bug.  For instance, the year of the black flies, well you will get them one year then not for another seven.  So you have the flies, the yellow jackets, the mosquitoes (which is kind of funny because there are mosquitoes every year. Picture the bad year. Not pretty)  Then there is the ladybug year.  I love those years.  How can ladybugs be bad?  They are cute, they are beneficial, they are ladies….. (kidding)

Why can’t you have the year of the monarch butterflies?  Or the year of the praying mantises?  That would be FUN.  No, it’s always the bad bugs.  Slugs, knats, mosquitoes, hornets, cutworms, miller moths…. Yucky bugs.

Well, this is the year of earwigs.  I’ll let you know when I stop being grossed out.

~Signing off


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