Women and Tea

(Ramona Flowers from “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, stupid movie, but loved this clip)

Okay, this video proves that it isn’t just the girly girls and the British who like their tea.  I think it’s a woman thing.  I honestly do not know a woman around that doesn’t like tea.  We all love tea.  Oh sure, we may enjoy our coffee (yes I have a healthy addiction to coffee), but we bond over tea.

Why is that?

Honestly, I have no clue.  Maybe it’s something about the ritualistic dunking of the teabag, the stirring of the sugar and cream.  Maybe because usually you drink it from a pretty cup.  Though, from a good old-fashioned mug, it’s still good.  Why is it that it’s one of the main things offered to drink?

And really, yes, there are women who have that many teas.  I ought to know.  I am one of them.  I have, or in my case, we have, a cupboard, a whole drawer, shelves above the stairs, and part of the stairs, oh, and the laundry room where tea can be found.  I’ve tried just about every Celestial Seasonings tea there is, and if I could of the Stash ones, I’d be in heaven. 

I love tea.  I love black tea, green, white, pekoe, herbal, flavored, plain.  Tea is my friend.  Oh, and yes, there are that many teas and more, guys.  And trust me when I say a woman will probably have a healthy stash of them.

Now, just tell me, why is it a woman thing?

Signing off



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