Obsession is defined as  :


ob·ses·sion [əb sésh’n, ob sésh’n]
(plural ob·ses·sions)
1.  preoccupation: an idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind 
2.  state of being obsessed: the state of being obsessed by somebody or something 

Obsession Club (sign me up)

Right now I’m dealing with obsession.  I’m obsessing about a person and it’s probably not healthy, but….

I think when someone is dealing with Obsession, it should be capitalized.  That’s how much it affects you.  It eats away at your mind.  It’s nasty, but somewhat like a good pain.  The kind of pain that is similar to pinching your finger tips lightly with clothes pins. (yes, I’m weird).  A zing.

It’s a virus or parasite that eats away at you, but then there is the numbing pleasure factor to it.  You don’t feel the eating away, you feel the pleasure.  You want it to go away, the nasty part, but you think that if it were gone, you might not know what to do with yourself. 

Part of me can honestly say that I like being obsessed.  But is it really healthy.  Part of me says no.  And yet, I can’t stop.  At least, not right yet.

And what really can get obsession even more ingrained in  your head is the unknown factor.  You sit there wondering about someone and because you don’t actually know, you obsess even more.

It’s kind of creepy.

Signing off



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