The Disgusting Aspect of Some Men

I’m going to go on a rant for this post.  However, I think it is something that is good to rant about , and hopefully you all will agree with me.  Oh, and as it delves into the subject of men, let me give this disclaimer.


I happen to love men, so this is nothing personal against any man in particular. Just the scumbags out there.

In light of current events, and please, I hope everyone knows about these, I feel I must speak out.

Men who feel the need to force a woman to have sex are despicable human beings.  Take the IMF french dude.  You know that guy.  The one they caught after almost leaving the country.  After raping a hotel maid, among many other things.  That guy.

That is truly disgusting, and in my own personal opinion, death is too good for those horrible people.  I think, and guys whom I like please don’t cringe too much, that the only way to deal with a situation like that is to cut it all off.  You know what I mean by it.  There is nothing that would mean quite so much.

I cannot imagine being in a situation where you are raped.  I can’t imagine how horrible it must be.  For those girls whom have had their lives shattered by a person who enjoyed doing that.  Because, if you read the news, this isn’t new for Mr. IMF.  He’s done it before.

To have that much evil in you.  To be that cruel and horrific to a woman is beyond anything decent.  It is at the very bottom of the cesspool of human decency.  It is despicable.

And then, you have the lovely Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Affairs and children of those affairs behind his wife’s back.  Acting like it never happened for years.  Finally telling his wife after leaving office.  Holding an official title and being such a low down dirty scumbag.  It goes beyond the pale of anything.

It’s just wrong.  Any guy that cheats on his wife is a worthless rotten human being.  Cheating happens all the time. I know.  And I know women cheat on their husbands just as much.  I get it.  I find it horrible as well.  Cheating of any kind is despicable.

What I’m really talking about is the whole picture.  A governor acting no better than scum.  We should be holding our officials to a higher standard.  You too Mr. IMF  (I’m calling him that because I’m too lazy to go search his french name)  You were an official and you let that power go to your… well, not to your head….  Somewhere much lower.

It’s disgusting.  There truly needs to be harsher punishment for these types of , well they are not people.  People do not act like the vilest forms of life.  They have decency.  And Honor, and morals.  Kindness and caring.

These two men in particular do not have any of those things.  And there are so many more of those type out there.  There are so many women who have been abused and degraded. It’s wrong.  Though I may not understand it, I can sympathize and I can understand how it could shatter you.  I hope that as time progresses, harsher punishment is dealt to these awful people.

And thankfully there are good people out there that help these women pick up the pieces.

Signing off



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