Vintage Craze – Part 4 : Vinyl


It conjures up a host of images.  Or at least it does for me.  Vinyl seats at a diner.  Vinyl flooring.  Vinyl outfits that are really just too kinky and weird for my tastes…. Okay, moving on.

Isn't that a gorgeous look?

When I say vinyl, and I can’t believe this can be considered vintage because I grew up with this, I mean records.  Am I really that old? (ok, my parents and grandparents are older…)

Yes.  Gasp!  Those giant, round discs that existed long before cds and mp3s were ever thought of.  Do you know there are some people kids  who have no clue as to what a record is?  Now that is a horror to me.  And I’m not even how “vintage” records are, but well I’m calling them that.

I grew up with records.  We had stacks of them.  All my Psalty the Singing Songbooks.  All those goofy kids records we had.  We had tons.  Then all the records my parents had.  Oh my gosh did we have quite a few.  And then we would wear my grandmother out playing the records at her house when she would babysit us. (and she had one of those cool turntables that would take a whole stack of records, which really didn’t work for the story records as it would only play one side before dropping down a new record that was a different story…..)

I am in a record mood right now.  There is something so very nice about putting that large black disk onto the turntable.  Hearing that first scratchy sound of the needle hitting the edge.  Then the music finally playing in that slightly scratchy tone with it muted and mellowed out.  Not so super clear that the treble needs to be played with.

There is actually some music that we have on records that we also have on cds now. I prefer the record.  The cds are too clear.  Too perfect.  Too much treble.  I like the mellowed tone.

Today it was side B of Art Garfunkel‘s Breakaway album.  (by the way, people. I know quite a bit of 70’s music.  People are always surprised at what I know.  Yes, I like Chicago, Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, etc.)  Oh and yeah, side B…  I could go on about the flipping of the record, but I won’t.

And after the Breakaway came Watermark, by the same artist, and finally one of my father’s John Denver albums.  I love to hear music from the turntable.  And can you believe that my parents got rid of a whole bunch of records when I was little because they didn’t listen to that music anymore, and now that I’m older, it’s stuff I enjoy!  It breaks my heart.

Now, I don’t do it as much as I used to.  I am quite in love with my mp3 player and I love cds.  And the record player is in a tricky spot so I don’t find it easy to play records all day long.  Besides, I don’t really want to hear all those kids albums so much these days. Hmm, I wonder why?  But I still love playing the old recordings.  There’s a homey feel to it.

What about you? Do you remember vinyl? And do you ever miss it?

Signing off


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