Vintage Craze – Part 1 : Absinthe

a Henri Privat-Livemont poster advertising Abs...

La Fee Vert (Image via Wikipedia)

There are times when I go on a vintage type craze where certain things from the past are really cool in my mind.  Right now the main thing is absinthe.  You know, that mystical naughty liquor that was banned because it was thought to be too dangerous?  Yeah, well I’m sorry, anything green, liquorice flavored and that ritualistic in drinking has to be something fascinating.I think I was first ‘introduced’ to the term absinthe when I watched Moulin Rouge.   The Green Fairy.  I thought it was kind of cool, but it didn’t really strike my fancy.

Rebel Angels.jpg

Rebel Angels by Libba Bray, where I first became fascinated

Then I read Rebel Angels by Libba Bray where the actual ritual of absinthe was performed; incorrectly, mind you, but still, it opened my eyes to this fascinating drink.  The images that you can find online of the drink are gorgeous. I love looking at them.  There is a romantic, sensual quality to it.  Reading about the drip, drip, drip of icy water over a sugar cube sitting on a silver spoon.  Finally mixing with the small amount of green absinthe in the bottom of the glass and pulling out the louche.

A reservoir glass filled with a naturally colo...