Persuade Me

 I first heard about Jane Austen’s Persuasion from the movie The Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.  There is a part where it is Sandra Bullock’s character, Kate, is having a birthday.  She gets into a discussion with Keanu about what her favorite book is.   It is Persuasion.  But the way she describes it is horrible.  And even Keanu says it sounds horrible, where in Kate, agrees.

I’m sorry, but Persuasion isn’t horrible.  And it’s not terribly depressing either.  Wordy?  Yes.  Jane Austen?  Most definitely.  But not horrible.  It’s actually a lovely story.

Anne Elliot has become what would be termed a spinster, due to not marrying young.  She had the opportunity, but was persuaded against it by her godmother, Lady Russell,  and family, because the man, Frederick Wentworth, wasn’t well enough endowed with money.  Isn’t that just horrible?  That money was such a factor at that time period.

Anyways, Anne grows older and probably assumes she will remain unmarried.  Then, Frederick comes back into her life as a Captain in the navy.  Of course he is now eligible, but Anne turned him down.  Of course, why would he look at her again?  But…..

Read the book, I won’t give it away.  It’s relatively short, in the scope of Jane Austen’s.  It didn’t take me terribly long to read it, though part of that was because I had seen the film version, so I knew what to expect and could kind of read through it quickly.  Yes, some of the wording is hard to manage through, but still, the story is quite lovely.

Does it end happy?  It’s Jane Austen.  Do any of her novels end sad?  No, so you won’t be disappointed, unless you are not a Jane Austen lover.  Some people are not, and that’s okay.  I am not offended.

But I would never describe the synopsis as horrible, norwould I say it as horribly as Kate does.  It’s much more romantic.

Signing off


2 thoughts on “Persuade Me

  1. Where do you get this book from? I was just wondering, because I would love to have a book like this one. PLEASE get back to me, thanks!!!!!

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