Greet the World with a Smile (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)

On Saturday the 19th, Jaclyn Rae posted this wonderful picture/ idea. How to brighten someone’s day with just a post it. How simple could you get? Or as Ina Garten, of Barefoot Contessa fame, says it. “How easy is that?”

I say pretty darn easy or simple. But how completely wonderful? Think about seeing something positive like this in a public restroom. Or maybe on that bulletin board at school, post office, library. Anything like that. It would put a smile on your face. Give you a little boost.

For those interested, check out Operation Beautiful. The original site for this ‘mission’. And I think it’s just what we need in a very depressing world. With the economy, wars, budgets, protests, arguments, and all around frustrations running around this country and world, why not have a little bit of sunshine.

For a suggestion, try looking at quotes on Celestial Seasonings tea boxes. Lots of times there is a one line quote that is just the thing.

But girls, I say go for it. Oh, and you don’t need a post it always.

Guys…. Take a clue here, and maybe not leave it for any girl, but maybe your girl, wife, lover, etc. Leave her a little note to show you care. Trust me, girls will go ga-ga for something sweet and simple. We really love this kind of stuff.

Signing off


Greet the World with a Smile

via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog

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