Post Valentine’s Day

Okay, I never do much for Valentine’s Day.  Usually it’s just not something I ‘get into’, but I love all the red, pink, hearts, girly, feminine, fun of Valentine’s Day.  It’s just so so so, girly. 

This year, I folded a few origami hearts with a secret spot for a message.  Sent it off to a couple of friends, mostly because I just loved making it, and thought they would like it.  You can see the wonderful post here, and directions for this sweet little heart.

DIY Origami Heart Love Note  by Amy Moss

I’m forever hunting anything origami related, and hearts are always fun.  Find some good scrapbook paper in reds and pinks, and you can have a blast.

 Well, I just blame Valentine’s on a chance to enjoy anything girly.  It makes me think  of anything pink.


Signing off