Choux Pastry

'Choux Pastry Heart'

I’m in a choux pastry mood.  For those of you that don’t bake, or know much French, that means cream puff pastry.  Cream puffs, eclairs, profiterolles….

I woke this morning singing Corrine Bailey Rae’s song ‘Choux Pastry Heart’.  It’s not a happy song, but well, I was thinking of choux pastry. 

I love cream puffs, and they are so feminine and cute.  They reek of anything French.  Eclairs? Well they are decidedly French, of course.  When I go to France (this is a far off dream, so no future plans in the works)  I am going to indulge myself in eclairs.  Drink black, black coffee, nibble on an eclair, watch the Frenchmen go by, and drool.  Okay, drooling isn’t exactly feminine, but you catch my drift.  They are Frenchmen after all.


I have this incredible desire to make some eclairs.  I told my father that the other day and you should have seen his eyes light up.  My father loves anything that has to do with chocolate, pastry, and pudding.  I can’t really go wrong.  And he loves cream puffs as well.

I also have this insane desire to make puff pastry.  Then to make tarts, apple turnovers, etc.  Can you tell I am in a baking mood?  And of course, I want to attempt something that scares the bejeezus out of me.  The one time I did a butter/layer/puff pastry type crust, it turned out horrible.  But for some reason, I have confidence that I can make it work.

Apple Turnover...(puff pastry)

Maybe it is my delusional mind, or maybe it is the four new French and baking books I receive, or purchased, over the holidays. (that’s Christmas holidays)  I get in a baking mood and I just need to try something new.  A while ago it was just peppernuts for Christmas; a new recipe that didn’t turn out that well.  In the fall it was lemon squares.  And pecan fingers.

Well, for now I shall turn on Corrine Bailey Rae. It’s been ages since I’ve heard her album, and it’s one of my favorites.  I think I’ll wait to make the eclairs and puff pastry for a day when I actually feel good.   Until then, I’ll just drool in my mind.

Signing off