The Light Over Yonder

A light on the hill at night.

Every night I go out to feed my family’s rabbit and I look across to the south at where Adam’s trailer is.  Adam is a guy that is interested in me, though I have never truly been interested myself.  He’s a likeable guy, I suppose, and it is terribly flattering to have someone interested.  It is even tempting to be interested in a weird sort of way because Adam is into me.  Go figure, but the mind of a woman is strange at times.  Do not ask how we come to these conclusions.

Though I am not interested, there is a sense of security every time I see the small light from Adam’s trailer.  It is really dark towards his place.  Nothing out there.  (I live in the country, if anyone wonders)  So seeing that pale yellow square is kind of nice.  A comfy feeling.  It’s really odd when I analyze it.  I just like knowing someone is out there.

In the summer I hear the sounds of his generator; probably for air conditioning.  I always find it strange I don’t hear the generator in the winter.  How does he get his lights if there is no power? 

Right now because it is winter, I always see smoke rising from his stove. I did not know you could have a wood burning stove in a trailer, okay, it’s more like a fifth wheel, but that was a new one.  I find it relaxing to see the spiraling smoke from his chimney.

This Christmas, Adam had a Christmas lights tree outside that would rotate through colors.  It was fun to see that in the distance changing slowly. Sometimes with the snow falling it had an incredibly magical look to it.

Maybe it’s because I live in the country, but grew up in the city, but I like seeing lights out there.  Oh sure I like the darkness of the country.  Hardly any ambient light.  However, I find it a bit creepy as well when there are no lights.  When the power goes out for the whole valley (it’s small) I tend to freak just a little bit because I can’t see where anyone is.  We are talking nighttime, by the way.  It just is too quiet.  Too dark.  Too alone.

Sure, sometimes the darkness is a blessing. Like when I am stargazing and I kind of need no light.  Or when I get sick and tired of my neighbor’s sodium light never going off.  Then I want dark. Oh and when the storage units right across the street drive me batty because it is a bit too bright.  Those are the lights I wish I could kill.

But Adam’s light.  It’s nice.  Homey. Safe. 

Too bad I’m not interested in Adam. 

Signing off


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