Crimson Red

Razor thread slicing

Acid drops of pain


Like poisonous pearls


Quicksilver dagger





Agony of Crimson red

The thundering

Pounding pulse



Slashing frayed ribbons

Ribbons of frayed torment

Lashing a whip of steel knives

Cold iron burning away


Squeezing fist of torture

Gripping in burning talons

Slicing sinew

Raw and bleeding


Throb of every vein

Wave of agony

Tide rising

Sea of misery


Drift away

Float into nothingness

Lifted up to weightless



I’m sure to most, this sounds violent. In some ways it could be considered that, but it’s nothing more than a woman voicing a pain that happens frequently. I am aiming this at women and girls, for if you go through it, without explanation, you know what I am talking about.

This has been in my mind for a while now, one of my coping mechanisms when I feel like crap.  When the heating pad just won’t work, or when the fetal position is all I can stand to be in.  If it helps, then I’m glad. 

Any guys reading this…. You may want to move onto another post.


Signing off