Out of Commission Writing

I’ve been out of commission for the past few days.  The notebooks have practically been ignored.  Journals left forgotten.  Not due to lack of diligence, but just feeling like death warmed over.  It’s not very conducive to writing.  Who knew.

During that time, I have pulled out a bit of creativity and am working on a poem, but it’s still in a bit of the unknown stage.  It’s something I’ve had in my mind for a while geared just at girls and women, but it’s still taking some time to work out. 

I’m not great with free form verse yet. It is still hard for me to find the break and pause.  I enjoy to write it and at times it flows through me. (not often enough) But for some reason, rhyming has always been something easier. Not that it is easy, but it just strikes me as ‘real’ poetry. Personal opinion.  And it’s not that I don’t like free verse, I just find the rhythm easier with rhyme.

However, this thing I’m working on is free form, and it’s almost done. I’m going to attempt to work on it some more in the next day or so and hopefully I’ll have something usable.

Signing off

~ Kate

2 thoughts on “Out of Commission Writing

  1. Yeah, being sick can really knock you for a loop when it comes to writing. I got a terrible flu right in the middle of NaNoWriMo last year and it nearly kept me from finishing on time. Here’s hoping you feel better soon.

    • I can’t imagine fighting a flu while writing the NaNoWriMo. Course, I can’t imagine writing the NaNoWriMo period, but that is beside the point. Being under the weather is certainly a writing killer.
      Thanks for your condolences, I’m almost back to snuff. 🙂
      And thanks for reading.

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