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I read a book called Poemcrazy by Susan G. Wooldridge, and one thing that struck me was Susan’s direction to collect words.  Her idea was to use them for poetry, but I’ve gone and added word collecting to my novel-writing.  I don’t keep any formal lists, though I really ought to.  I’ll run across a word I like, forget to write it down, and then it’s gone.

However, there are certain words that I have stuck in my head. Not sure how I will use them, but the lyrical poetry of just saying them is kind of magical.

  • Plotting – yeah, still not sure why this word is cool, but I love it.
  • Passion – you can never have too much of that
  • Flirting – how the ‘fl’ rolls off your tongue, then the implication of the word
  • Charming – I just like this word. Prince Charming, he’s charming, it was charming…. Yeah, I use it a lot.
  • Smitten – not a word used much, but well, fun.
  • Cheshire – a word I love for the Cheshire Cat, plus I have a friend who has a smile like that.
  • Shimmering – brings a lot of thoughts to my mind.
  • Magical – I seem to use this word a lot. Don’t ask me why.
  • Pounding –  Pounding heart, pounding thunder, the drums pounded. A very forceful word that has a wealth of meaning.
  • Thundering – Kind of like Pounding.
  • Etherial – It just sounds light and airy.
  • Twilight – not from the book, but I’ve always loved this word.
  • Lingering – Lingering twilight, lingering look, a lingering kiss. Try and tell me that that word isn’t sensual.

And the reason for this post is because of an ABC Castle promo from this summer about Castle repeats.  You can see the vid here.  I highly recommend it because well, if you like Castle like me, then you will just enjoy this. But all the fun words is very inspiring.

So does anyone else collect words?  Do you find you hear a word and just have to steal it for yourself?  I do it. I also do it with names.

Signing off


3 thoughts on “Word Cache

  1. i definitely collect words.

    some of my favorite pieces of mine have been imagined with the assistance of some of these saved words. for a whole semester i wrote down all of the fun things that all of my professors said.

    sweet video and great list of words. awesome post!

    • Oh wow, I can imagine a wealth of ideas from a semester of listening to professors. What a wonderful idea!

      And thank you so much for your comments. As for the video, I can’t take credit for the sheer creativity of it, but I’m glad I posted it. It is fun.
      Thanks ever so much.

  2. Guilty! I totally collect words. Phrases, too. Sometimes I’ll write something that I LOVE but just doesn’t fit in. I often refuse to delete it and ferret it away somewhere else to use later.

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