Christmas Tree Magic

She sat in the glitterning darkness of a sparkling Christmas tree.  The white lights were like little fairies come to rest, the blue balls shown like the night sky. Icicles dripped from the branches adding a graceful elegance to the already delicate boughs.  Snowflakes winked in and out among  cranberry balls.  Here and there were sparkling red snowflakes. Drenched in red glitter they were etherial.  The whole tree was a confection to the eyes. One filled with delight and magic.  One could just picture Santa coming to  tuck presents beneath the boughs.

There was a enchanting sensation  to the room. Decorated to the nines, one could not help feeling that they had entered either a winter wonderland, or Saint Nick’s own abode.  The mantle held garlands of fragrant pine.  Red bayberry candles, with their yellow flames, flickered in and out of the greenery.  Plush red stockings hung by cheerful snowmen, santas, and reindeer.   Tables were layden with  overflowing bowls of candy.  Red and green M & M’s filled a chubby Santa’s sack; candy canes hooked over square glass cubes, filled to the brim with holiday kisses.  Caramels, fudge, and toffee.  It was a child’s paradise. 

It was perfect for her.  She sat with her mug of hot chocolate.  Curled up on a sofa, snuggled in a warm wool sweater and socks, it was the epitome of Christmas. One couldn’t ask for anything better.



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P.S. This was just me in an inspirational mood. I have a glorious tree this year and it’s quite magical.

The Romance of Romeo and Juliet

Romance in the making

 This week I watched Letters To Juliet.  Based on the book ” Letters to Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeare’s Greatest Heroine, the Magical City of Verona, and the Power of Love” by Lise Friedman and Ceil Friedman, the movie delves into letters written to Juliet of Verona.  Letters to Juliet  is an incredibly romantic movie and I would recommend it to women specifically.   

 But what is it about Romeo and Juliet that has captured people for centuries?  I have never read the play, but even I can quote a line or two from it.  “O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!”   A quote I heard years ago on an episode of Charmed.  It stuck with me and it is  an incredibly romantic phrase.  Then there is the classic phrase I’m sure everyone knows. “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”I probably know more quotes than I realize.   

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

Author of a classic

William Shakespeare was an  amazing author.  To turn a tragic story into a great thing.  Wow.  Now, that still doesn’t make me want to see the play, or read it, but I get it.  Personally, I hate tragedy.  I would rather not end up crying at the end of a play, or movie.  I did that last week with Nights in Rodanthe. (by the way, that movie is so sad!)  I don’t need to cry. However, one day I might see the play done. Who knows.  

I do know that I would highly recommend Letters To Juliet to anyone.  The premise of the story is very sweet and charming.  The romance throughout the film incredible.  The ending? Well that is classic and though it may be somewhat predictable, no less romantic.  The film ends incredibly well, and I think I shall definitely look to own the it.
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Bookshelf Delight

Was browsing Google for bookshelves to update the background of here, and I just had to post some of the lovely and unique ideas for bookshelves out there.

Color coded for your decorating pleasure


Cubby seating for one


Have a closet? Lots of books? Build a bookshelf staircase!


In the round


Wall of books, quite nicely organized

Quite a nice selection of bookshelves, if I do say so myself. And I wouldn’t mind any of them as I am sorely lacking decent shelves. Right at the moment, half my books are in stacks on the floor, or lining the top of the stairs as best as can be managed. I even have half my paperbook colletion hidden in a cupboard.
Ah well, one can dream
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One Voice in a Million

One may only be a voice in a million, but each voice is heard.  And that voice can’t be taken from you.  Even if there is oppression, a voice is always heard.  Maybe not out loud, but you can’t take a person‘s voice.  For not only does it come from the mouth, but every action a person does, is their voice.  It is what is making them heard day in and day out.

I was listening to Natasha Bedingfield‘s new song “Strip Me” and the lyrics are quite empowering to any individual. I think it may become my own anthem to listen to when I feel like I’m not being heard.  For if you were to strip everything away from a person, the things that make them who they are, what is left is their voice.  And you can have your pride taken away, and you can be ‘shut out’ by people, but you can still be heard.  You can scream it out.  And your voice is still there.  Maybe not out loud, but it is still there.

And how important our voice is.  It is what has made some things so great in this world.  Certain voices were heard, and they were from people who might have been considered a nobody, but they were heard, and they mattered. 

We all matter.  We are all important.  Each person is unique and has amazing things to offer, and we are being heard.

You may not think you are.  Even at times, I don’t think I am being heard, but every thing you or I do is being ‘heard’ from  somebody.  If that weren’t so, then there wouldn’t be the statement  “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”.    Our actions how we direct our lives our one of our biggest voices.  People see what we do, and they evaluate our lives.  And it is an influence on others.  We are being heard.  And our voice is being heard.

Maybe this post isn’t the most eloquent one in the word, and certainly not long, but I feel the song says more than I could ever do.

Just remember no one can take your voice.

Signing off