Are We All Narcissists Now?


 Are we all becoming massive narcissists?

In a world of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so on; a world where everyone is saying something about themselves; have we gotten lost in all there is about ‘me’?

I think maybe we have. We promote ourselves, trying to find value in what we have to say. Trying to make ourselves important. “Hey, look at me!” we shout out to the masses, as we post away. Sending little snippets into cyberspace. We blog, we chat, we post on forums. We spit out useless bits of information about ourselves. We change ourselves to become something everyone wants to see, so that again, we are saying, “Look at me.” “See, I’m important too.”

And the more we do it online, the more we do it out in the real world. It seems that I run into more and more people that think only about themselves. People join clubs to have their voice be heard. They become a part of a group to be heard. They do this or that so that they get recognition. They need to talk about themselves. They need to be heard.

Are we all just such insecure idiots that we can’t handle being satisfied with our own evaluation of ourselves? We have to have someone else’s opinion? So we post something, waiting anxiously by the computer screen for that answer to elevate our self worth. Yet all the while, we are still talking about ourselves as if all that matters is me.

Me, me, me, me, me….. It brings an all new light to the Toby Keith song, “I Wanna Talk About Me”. Are we all doomed to become Narcissus, the Greek warrior that was so enthralled with his own self image, he wasted away while staring at a reflection of himself? At this rate it certainly seems that way. Oh, maybe not in the exact manner, but we get so sucked into our own world, that stepping out of it becomes harder and harder.

My generation, whatever number or letter it is…. I was born in ‘82 so you do the math… extremely centered on itself. And the generation that is coming up after me is even more so. I listen to my parents talk about when they were younger and how people cared about each other and got involved in the community much more than they ever do now. It was not all about ‘me’. You were involved in your church, your family, the school your kids were going to, charities, etc. It was all very different.

And yes, I can be accused of thinking only about myself. I think everyone does. There is no way you won’t. We are all human and that is just part of what makes us the way we are. And I don’t think it’s the end of the world if you take time to talk about yourself here and there, do something for yourself. But this incessant need to be heard. To have the world revolve around each one of us. It’s just sick and wrong, on so many levels.

But, I blame social networks as having a hand in this. It makes it all that much easier. And I refer you to this post “My whole life I’ve been a fraud.”  that does tie into mine as well. We are losing ourselves as we try to promote ourselves. Maybe we will figure it out one day before it’s too late…. Personally, I’d rather not waste away as I stare at my reflection.

Signing off