The Importance of a Name

Eric Northman
Greyson or Grayson?

I agonize over names.  Okay, let me clarify.  Names that I use for character’s in my ‘books’.  (More ideas for books than actual books)  I have this new character that came to be from the gorgeous Eric Northman, or for English’s sake, Alexander Skarsgård.  I saw this picture and had to use the look.  No, not the name or anything, but something new.  And there I sat last night, pen in hand agonizing over whether it should be Luke Greyson, or Luke Grayson.  You may ask, what’s the difference?  Funny thing.  The ‘e’ in the first makes me think of something cool and cold.  The ‘a’ in the second, warm and sunny.  And why that would be so important would probably strike someone as odd.  But that right there can change a whole character.   So here I am stuck, going, okay, what letter?  What form?  Driving me nuts of course, but well, I can’t write the character till I figure this out.

And it’s not just in this instance, I’m forever trying out different names.  Sometimes, my characters won’t even become until they get named.  And last names are a challenge and a half.  Ah well, maybe it is a curse of being a writer.

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5 thoughts on “The Importance of a Name

  1. Definitely “Greyson.” It’s more mysterious. Besides, it’s how I spell the color (which spell check is always trying to correct) and in your photo, the genteman is wearing grey (there goes spell check again!). 🙂

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