The Beat Goes On

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t think drummers get enough recognition. Girls always go for the lead singer or guitar player of a band.  And I mean real band, not some hip thrusting, dance, jiggle boy band.  I’m talking an all around real band. 

My reason for stating this is after hearing a Lifehouse song where the rhythm of the drums hit me and has stuck.  I lived next to a boy who got a drum set and started drumming then became a part of the highschool band.  The practice drove me nuts, but once he got good, it was a joy to hear.

Music isn’t music without the beat. Sure, you can have songs that don’t have drums, but think about any song that really sticks with you. I’m betting it has drums somewhere. Right?

That heart pounding, body thumping pulse.  That’s what gets to me.  Take a listen to the BeeGee’s ’Islands in the Stream’.  Really listen to that beat.  Glen Campbell’s ‘Sunflower’, Lifehouse’s ‘All In’.  And you really want  one that takes the cake? James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’.  The drums in that are deep and they hit your heart. Your gut.  Deep. 

But this is me. I love songs with a great beat. Great drums. I would love to play drums.  They look amazing.  But I was blessed with un-coordination, so I can barely tap without getting out of rhythm. But maybe someday I’ll get to meet a drummer and watch them in person.  I would certainly like that. Being able to hear the drums in person, and watching it. I would love, right now, to see the drums being played for the Lifehouse song. Ah, a girl can dream.

So as the classic song goes……………….   “and the beat goes on, the beat goes on”  courtesy of Sonny and Cher.

Signing off



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