Twilight Books Vs. Films

I know that people are going to say I am blaspheming here, so before I get started, let me get this out of the way. I love the Twilight series. Have from the beginning when I just happened upon them. New Moon is my favorite. I own three sets of Twilight, two of New Moon and one each of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I plan to get paperback editions of those two to complete the other ones I have. You could say I am addicted to Twilight. I don’t mind admitting it. I don’t care that I am 28 and love the stories. I don’t care that I have posters on my ceiling of the movies. I like the stories. And I was thrilled to learn who was going to be acting in these movies…. Until I saw the movies.

Last night I watched New Moon with my family. I’ve already seen Twilight, and I own it as well as the music and score. For the most part I thought they did a pretty good job with portraying the right story for Twilight. Yes I have my beefs with it and I will tackle that in a bit, but well they did an okay job. Of course I am always disappointed when they leave out things, but I do understand that is part of the movie process. There is just not enough time to get it all in. And I realize that what I have in my head is very different from what other people have in their head, so any person can have a beef. We all have our own personal Edward and Bella. And for me, they are much more human in the story. In Twilight the movie, I was disappointed with how wooden Edward seems. In the book he is light, a flirt in some ways, very romantic in others, protective, an all around really nice guy. Then you watch the movie. He is so dang serious! I mean, half the time it looks like he’s revolted about something. A smile barely cracks his mouth, and he seem so stiff around Bella. Granted, yes, the way they wrote the script may have made it that way, but wouldn’t you think that maybe it might be standard curriculum for the actor to read the books first before acting to get the feel of the character before they even started learning lines? And maybe no one else saw the lightness of Edward. Okay, yes, he is a bit dark when we first meet him and he’s craving Bella’s blood. Hello! Duh, of course that makes sense. Even in the book I thought, wow, dark. But then that second meeting, he’s light and teasing. And the meadow. In the book that has got to be one of the lightest moments of the book. But the movie…. So serious.

 And I haven’t even tackled Bella. Kirsten Stewart has the look of Bella. I was quite happy with the choice of her because she fit with what I thought Bella should look like. And in some of her mannerisms, she fits perfectly, but honestly, couldn’t she crack a smile here and there too? Why is it all so serious? The books are somewhat light, and yet, the movies portray this very dark feeling. Depressing at times.

Now, onto New Moon. Breathe people, I still love the story, remember that. New Moon, New Moon, what to say. Okay, again, who they picked for certain roles I was very pleased. I like the La Push gang. I think they fit well enough with my image of what they should look like. I think Taylor Lautner makes a good Jacob Black. I’m not unhappy about that.

I thought for the first part of the movie, it followed the book as well as to be expected. Yeah, sure, I would have made a few changes, but that’s me. But again, I thought, what the heck, it’s so depressing again. My father was about to have a cow, and he tolerated Twilight. He didn’t think it was too bad. This from a guy who rolls his eyes when I even mention Twilight or something along those lines. And he was right. Again, Edward was so wooden. Where are the smiles he gives. Where is the *gasp* tenderness you see floating around the books? I mean, it’s like you really do have stone here talking. Same with Bella. She’s sad all the time. And you throw in Jacob, and you don’t get very many smiles. If Jake is supposed to be like a sun to Bella, then where is the lightness. Where is the fun. I mean, that part in the book with the teasing and such is fun. But the movie it is all anger or depressing.

 I would say that is my biggest beef with the movies so far. They are depressing. I would never recommend someone see the movies before reading the books. Course they might be disappointed like I am so maybe they would be better seeing the movie.

And I wish they would have ended it better than this just Marry Me statement. In the book it is terribly romantic I think. Granted, maybe they couldn’t show that Edward spends a lot of time in Bella’s room….. Course they could have had Bella narrating what happens. I mean, heck, she does narrate some things. Why they couldn’t have filled in a few things I’ll never know. And I really would have rather not had the blaspheming statement from Edward right after Bella slams into him in Volturra. I mean, please…. that was just too cheesy. It really should have been after.

 Eh well, to each his own I suppose. I know Twilighters out there are probably going to scream my name and rant. I’m sorry, but really think about it when you read the books. Why would every girl want their own personal Edward if he was wooden. Even I want my own Edward. But that’s because of what he is really like in the book. If I were to see Robert Pattinson’s Edward first, I wouldn’t want him….

 So all I can end this on is please, people who made Eclipse, please be better than the first two. Please be lighter. Happier. There are goofy happy moments in Eclipse. There are really romantic parts too. You can do it. I know it’s already made, but I really hope it is better.

And for all you readers out there, please re read the books and really take a look at the characters. Really pay attention to the interaction between Bella, Edward, Jacob and others. I bet you will see the lightness I am talking about.

Signing Off



4 thoughts on “Twilight Books Vs. Films

  1. Totally the book is a thousand times better! I love the book its much more of a story than In the film. I think the film is for when you just can’t picture some thigns. Although the film is cool as well. Definetly… the book is better 🙂

    • I agree that the movies helped visualize quite a bit, and I really like that. Though it seems even though I have seen both of them, my brain is still stuck on the visuals I created when I read the books. 😛 But it’s nice to hear someone agreeing with me on the books. Thanks

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