Guys and Loud Music

What is it with men/guys/boys and cars with loud music? Why do they think it is cool? Yes, you get noticed, yes, you get people looking. But did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe the reason people/girls are looking is to roll their eyes?

Now I love my loud music. Granted, ‘Claire De Lune’ isn’t rock, or have a beat, but when played loud it is magical. But it’s not really going to be one of those things that annoys people. Mostly you are going to get a look of surprise. Now don’t get me wrong again, I don’t have a car to play loud music on. And even if I did, I wouldn’t most likely do it. Occasionally, maybe, but not every time.

But what is it that guys think is so cool about being heard two miles away, shaking the windows in a house, as you drive by, kind of music? It’s rude, disrespectful, annoying…. Annoying would be top on my list of reasons why you shouldn’t do it. And it doesn’t make you any cooler. Really you look like a little boy. And sorry, we girls happen to think you are a bit like a little boy anyhow. Why would you want to lower yourself any more than you already are in our eyes? It’s not impressive.

I want to march over and slap you silly if you do that. It does not come even close to impressing. No, it shows me that you are an arrogant ass. You want girls to notice you. So what? You are not man enough to have girls notice you without it? Then you are doing something wrong.

Something that is painful to hear isn’t impressive. It’s just painful. Don’t do it. Don’t look like some arrogant schmuck trying to get a girl to look at you as you drive by, shattering the glass in said girls car. It’s not gonna help.

Now maybe there are girls out there who find that attractive. Not me. I cannot stand it. You want to turn me off, then do that. You want a nice girl to like you? Don’t expect one if you do that. It’s just not attractive.

Signing off



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