Music of Today

What has happened to music of today?  What has happened to the clear, recognizable songs of the past?  When you could understand the words.  They were melodic and catchy.  You could remember them.

My favorite era of music is the 70’s.  I love many other eras and I can easily listen to and completely love the era of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong.  In fact, I own albums of all of those.  And many songs from the next eras are just as good.   The thing that stands out the most is you could hear the singers.  You could understand what they were singing.  You could remember the song and sing along with it. 

But the music of the past twenty to thirty years.  What has happened to it?  Nowadays, you can’t even hear what a singer is saying.  The background music is so loud, it drowns out even a decent singer.  And there are not too many good singers anymore.    There are a few that I find and enjoy, but if you listen to most of their songs, they are clear, and the voice of the singer is most prominent.  The music accompanies, not overpowers.  There are very few singers like that.

Then you have the, what I can’t even term music, music that is considered metal.  I have had a few people tell me it is music and I wonder where they get that idea.  One of the first definitions in my dictionary says, “sounds that produce effect: sounds, usually produced by instruments or voices, that are arranged or played in order to create a pleasing or stimulating effect”.  Pleasing is not a word I would describe what metal is.  Stimulating, maybe, if you want to go bash something.  But that is not music.  You would have never heard anything like that thirty, forty, fifty years ago.

Nevertheless, musicians of today continue to add insult to injury by creating bad songs, with worthless lyrics.  Adding them to horribly melodies and calling it a song.    The thing that surprises me the most too, is that guys like this ‘crap’.    I have met a lot of guys who like music by Metallica, Def Leppard, U2, even.  Seriously?  Can you call most of that music?  Pardon, some of you can. 

Whatever happened to good artists like John Denver, Journey, Seals and Crofts, Chicago, the Beatles for pete’s sake?  When music was fun.  When lyrics were clean and could rhyme.  When you knew what the song was about.  When you knew the instant the first notes were played, what the song was going to be.  When you could sing the song and get all the words right and not have to guess.  Though I didn’t grow up in what I call the good music eras, I have come to appreciate good music.  Music of this generation is not good. It is tolerable.

Now on a last note, I enjoy music from every generation, including this one.  I have only a few genres I refuse to listen to, but other than that, I open my arms to all types, but please, let’s get back to clear voices, and not so much background sound drowning out a good singer.  Let’s get back to when you knew what the artist was singing.

Signing off.



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