Love List

I got the idea of a ‘Love List’ from Scott Roberts, who got the idea from Kristen Tennant.  I decided I just needed to do it myself.  The list may change as my tastes do, but here is some insight into me.  Enjoy.

  • 1940’s  I love anything from the ’40s. Fedoras, shoes, hats, dresses, movies, music…. the gorgeous, debonair men…. The list goes on.


  • Castle.  The ABC show.  I cannot get enough Castle. From the books, to the show, to Nathan Fillion.  I get a host of ideas from that show.


  • Autumn. Fall. Autumnal equinox.  Call it what you will, I own that season. It is ‘my’ season.


  • Music.  I know, pretty random, but I live for music. I love to listen to music, and it can make my day. It’s home to me.  Can’t play anything worth a darn, but I love to have it playing.


  • My girlfriends.  I love having a sympathetic ear when I need it, or a good giggle fest.


  • My dachshund. He’s my pal.


    • My Bible. It was my uncle’s. A man I was never able to meet.

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