Bright Aspens and Me for WPKate is a book hoarder, collector, and former ‘librarian’ at her small town library.  She dreams of owning her own bookstore, but will settle for marrying a man who lets her own as many books as she wants and has a library big enough to put them all in, organized by author, non-fiction and juvenile. (Yes, she is still a librarian at heart)
When she’s not consuming books, she is writing her ‘novels’ (or plot-less books as she likes to call them), children’s picture books, and working with her parents on their organic farm.
Someday, when she gets her butt in gear, she will be a famously published author. But for now she settles (she settles a lot) for blogging, playing around with words and reading much more than she has time for.

Daughter, sister, dog lover, dreamer, reader, writer, poet, photographer, artist, and that doesn’t cover all of me.   Reading is my life, though at the moment it is being infiltrated by writing and photography.  All of which I try to showcase here at some point or another.  The traditional ‘blog’ went out the window from the beginning I think, and has now taken to poetry.  I’m working on just writing what I feel if I can. 

But I can honestly say anything to do with books is my life.

Feel free to comment anytime as I love to hear back from people what they think.  Anyone who reads and loves books gets a special place in my replies as well, I’m slightly addicted. Don’t worry about being critical as I am always open to suggestions and ideas.  I’m working on just writing on a regular basis, and the poetry helps my other pursuits in writing.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. I am so glad I found your blog. After wondering what to do on WordPress one evening, I decided to search the word ‘book’. Your blog came up near the top. It interested me so I clicked on it. Boy, I was glad I did. I am subscribed to your blog now, read it a lot, and comment on it. I’m glad we share a love of books.

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